Under the County Development Plan the lands are principally zoned: Objective A: To protect and/or improve residential amenity, and Objective NC: to protect, provide for and/or improve mixed-use neighbourhood centre facilities.

A full list of permitted and open for consideration uses are outlined in the data room. Residential use is permitted in principle on the NC zoning in addition to neighbourhood retail, childcare, healthcare, community uses.

A small portion of the site to the east is also zoned Objective G: To protect and/or improve high amenity areas, with uses limited to open space and recreation.

The lands are subject to the LAP land parcels outlined below. The LAP outlines specific development parameters and objectives for each parcel which are detailed further in the planning report in the data room.

ParcelLocationType of Development
20ACentral and northern end of
the site onto Glenamuck Road
Medium Density Residential – apartments, duplex, terrace/courtyard
22Neighbourhood centre onto Enniskerry RoadResidential, commercial, retail and community services
23AEastern end of the siteMedium density residential comprising detached dwellings, courtyard and terraced buildings
24BEastern end of the site“Special” natural open space

LAP Objectives

A number of other objectives on the lands have been identified in the LAP which we have outlined below.

  • An Indicative Greenway Link has been indicated across the lands.
  • A Restriction Corridor for a 220KV powerline is identified across the lands.
  • A Walkway/Cycleway has been indicated across the lands on the eastern boundary.
  • A primary bus corridor is to be located adjacent to the north and west of the site.
  • An artistic feature and civic space is to be located towards the west of the site.
  • Indicative Proposed Access Road’s are detailed within the plan.
  • Medium Density Residential
  • Neighbourhood Centre
  • Civic Space

Density & Scale

The LAP outlines a density range of 40-50 units per hectare for the development land parcels within the subject lands. A height range of 2-4 storeys is recommended with the greater height promoted towards the new village centre.

National Planning Policy adopted since the LAP also promotes greater building height and density at appropriate urban locations in order to increase residential development where high quality public transport and services exist or are to be developed.

The ‘National Planning Framework’ (NPF) 2018 recommends a flexible approach to planning policies and standards, focusing on design led and performance-based outcomes rather than specifying absolute requirements in terms of density and height.

Zoning ObjectiveHectaresAcres
Neighbourhood Centre2.837
Civic Space0.350.87
Glenamuck Distributor Road0.471.15
Boundaries for illustrative purposes only

Glenamuck District Road Scheme

In December 2019 An Bord Pleanála granted permission to DLRCC for the Part 8 (and CPO) Glenamuck District Roads Scheme which will connect the existing R117 Enniskerry Road with the Glenamuck Road and new link distributor road which will connect to the Ballycorus Road and the R117 Enniskerry Road (alternative north-south route).

The Glenamuck District Distributor Road (GDDR) element will consist of a two-lane single carriageway from Enniskerry Road (south of Kilternan village) and connecting to the Glenamuck District Road junction between Kilternan and Carrickmines, and which will run through the eastern portion of the site as per the map to the right. The permitted route runs roughly parallel and adjacent to the existing 220kv electricity line through the lands which is subject to a development restriction zone as per the LAP zoning map extracted below.